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Chapter 1 -The rise of an empireOnce upon a time in a dark cellar inGothenburg, a small group of developers started building a small application. The application grew and grew and after many years, it becamesomething that's probably like the most bouncy travel- and tourisme-commerce solution on the market.

The developers saw that this was nice. Andthey decided tocall it Citybreak Enterprise Today, this creature is aSaaS-platform used bytourism organizations, accommodations andtours and activity vendors like ski operatorsworldwide for reservations, property management, packaging, finance, BI and loads of integrations to platforms like booking.com, hotels.com and Expedia.com.

The group grew to a tribe, and the tribe to a company, and the company to a global player.In short - an IT product company in one of the world's most fun businesses!

Chapter 2 -Decay and divorce.The years passed by. But as in all sagas, there need tobe a wicked wizard to complete the storyline. In this casethe wizard came in the disguise of love.

Love planted a seed of decay among the developers. It told them things like marriage, to have kids and to buy expensive houses outside town. Some embraced and some struggled.

Especially one developer was drawn in to the circle of life and one day the tribe had to face the dark fact that they lost one of their beloved friends to the dark world outside. A large backend pit struck open when the father figureleft the herd. (Well, this could of course also be a mother figure.)

Chapter 3 -An unexpected turnThe developers mourned. But at the same time they knew that this awful turn in their history could strengthen them and make them even closer to each other. You might lose one comrade, but in the fight against evil, new friendships buds maybloom.

Instead of summoning an evil recruiter, the leader of the tribe( i.e. the Team Manager)agitated thethe newly found energy towards theunsuspecting narrator of this story (i.e. thePeople & Culture Manager at the company) and started making demands. They shouted things like:

-We want someone who knows things likePHP,Drupal,Javascript,Docker,My SQL and Redis. We need you to find someone who can pull our sword out ofthe stone (read: satisfy our customers)and at the same time fight off the cynics that does not believe that we can (...deliver on time).

They continued:

-We need no heroes, no muscles - just someone to take comfort in when our infrastructure is stabbing us in the back, when we have lost our API key and when there are Drupal bugs emerging from the abyss of devops.

The poor narrator became frightened. So much pressure on his shoulders. He shivered from despair. Suddenly, heshouted back:


The developers turned quiet. They watched each other. And after a couple of seconds, that felt like ages to the poor narrator, they all started giggling. The giggle grew intoa laughter, and soon they were lying on the ground cackling unbridled.

-"Don't you reallysee that?" one of them asked. Because this is the best job you can get of course. This is more than a job, It's contributing to something big, creating truly cool stuff, become one ofthe musketeers.

-We will give this newbie unique systems, some of Scandinavias biggest tourism players as customers, competent colleagues and a platform to learn and prosper and become a full stack developer here.At the same time as we will offer things likesalary,after works, health allowance and perks. This is an opportunity too good to decline.

The narrator gazed.

Chapter 4 - A new eraTo be honest, it took a while for the narrator to get his shit together, but when he was released from the paralyzation he suffered from it was all clear to him. He had to tell the world. He had to help his comrades unlock the next level of SaaS.

So to make the show go on, we need you. We need you who want to write the next chapter of this saga together with us.

Apply today - Let's have ahappy end!

And if it was unclear to anyone. This is a job ad. You get to work with a tight team in the world's most fun business, building e-commerce solutions and booking systems for the tourism industry. We believe that you:

- Have some knowledge on backend web development
- Are familiar with things like Drupal and PHP and se the greatness of Docker
- Do not fear infrastructure
- Fancy taking care of customers and really understand their needs

You get to work with really cool customers ranging from trademarks likeFinnair and Vikingline to ski resorts like Hafjell, Lofsdalen andFunäsdalen. We have many parallell focuses and to enjoy our average work day we believe you are super dynamic and really flexible. And at the same time you enjoy delivering both solutions and support. And if you come here we offer you:

- A tight team in a startup- and entrepreneurial culture where people matter
- Market like salary, health allowances, pension payments, and activities & afterworks on a regular basis
- Unique products, hackathons and the possibility to continuously develop our tech stack and try new things

If it sounds just a littleinteresting, we hope t meet you and listen in on what you want, and see if we are a match!

At Visit Group we are building the digital ecosystem for tourism. Our product portfolio consists of travel technology brands like Citybreak, BookVisit, iTicket and Web Apps. Our services range from booking systems and e-commerce to travel switches.The Citybreak platform enables inbound tourism companies, such as Ski Resorts, Tour Operators and Destination Marketing Companies to sell, combine and distribute tourism products sourced from +100 external inventory platforms. Every day we work close to partners like Google, Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com, Facebook, TripAdvisor and many more.

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