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The Dynamic Energy System Optimizer (DYESOPT) is a tool used for techno-economic analysis of energy systems, mainly power generation assets. The use of DYESOPT within academic research projects has led to the expansion of its model library. However, this growth had also lead to incompatibilities among the different models due to uncontrolled modifications from the different, disconnected users (problem 1). Moreover, the use of DYESOPT currently depends on having both MATLAB and TRNSYS licenses. In the academic circle, these licenses are fairly uncomplicated. However, in the industrial world their acquisition and maintenance can become an impediment (problem 2). Both of these background problems have been addressed within EPS via two separate projects:
Problem 1 was addressed by making a re-integration of available key DYESOPT models into once folder, however this project did not remove the redundancies (e.g. of functions and variables) made by all the different users nor did it define a set of rules and instructions for future users not to create new disintegrated models (again).
Problem 2 was addressed by migrating the current DYESOPT structure into Python and compiling TRNSYS into an executable file, thus creating “PyESOPT”. While PyESOPT does dismiss users from the need of MATLAB and TRNSYS licenses, this was only done for one very simple model and without considering generalizations for expansion of the model library and of the amount of users in the documentation.
The main goals of this work are to address the issues underlined above.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Pyesopt – integration of dyesopt models into new python structure" hos företaget Europe Power Solutions AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 14 februari 2019 klockan 00:00.

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