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We are looking for a well rounded software engineer to join our Operations team to provide support to our flagship project: alaTest.
Do you like working in a company with diverse technology and multiple ongoing projects? Does working with multiple technology stacks both in the backend and frontend sound challenging and interesting?

This role will work in 3 primary areas:

1. Database: MySQL data management to find, edit and analyse millions of records
2. Backend: Maintain, optimize, bugfix multiple data driven projects
3. Frontend: Website and widgets maintenance and support

Job Responsibilities:
• Help identify, debug and fix problems within our various production projects
• Maintain and tweak our public websites
• Occasionally interface with customers as technical support
• Leverage our entire platform to perform distributed information extraction, retrieval and data processing
• Identify and resolve performance and scalability issues
• Plan, design, develop and deploy auxiliary tools and projects

Our production platform has been reliable over the past years and while the primary responsibility in this role is to provide support in keeping it running, there are multiple improvements and brand new development in the pipeline leveraging the latest technologies. In this role you could be additionally involved in those processes depending on your skills and interests.

• Ability to work with production legacy code (bugfix, extend, optimize etc..)
• 1+ years of software development in any web technology
• Solid PHP and Javascript knowledge (including older versions)
• Familiarity with Linux/UNIX, HTTP, HTML, and some networking
• Basic MySQL operations and data manipulation skills (procedures, views, joins, grouping etc..)
• Basic Linux server administration (forensics, bash, file management, security etc..)
• Good communication in spoken and written English
• Availability to work full time in our Stockholm HQ

Bonus points for:
• Solid Python knowledge
• Basic to intermediate Java knowledge
• Familiarity with web hosting and code deployment
• Intermediate to advanced MySQL skills
• Intermediate to advanced Linux knowledge
• Basic GCP experience

alaTest is the world's leading aggregator and analyst of Product Reviews, using award-winning technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning and Scrum/Kanban. We aggregate millions of product reviews every day from more than 3,000 international websites and magazines.
Consumers visit our websites in 19 countries to discover what products are the best for them.
Brands use our online tools to manage their review content and understand consumer opinions.
Ecommerce retailers show our aggregated reviews with their products to give visitors more buying confidence.
Together with European insurance services provider VanAmeyde.com we developed a revolutionary product appraisal tool ValueChecker.net, that is quickly becoming popular in InsurTech.
alaTest headquarters are in Central Stockholm with beautiful view over the Riddarfjärden, Old Town and City Hall.

Please send your application in English with a short personal introduction and CV to [email protected]. Please reference 'Web Operations Technician' in subject line.

Sökord: .PHP, SQL, MySQL, Java, Javascript, Git, Mercurial, web deployment, HTML, HTTP, SSL

alaTest was founded in 2005 and we have been at the forefront of the reviews and product aggregation sector. We collect, catalog and warehouse data as well as write software to manipulate, present and share it. We are a diverse team, currently hailing from every continent except Antarctica.
Together with European insurance services provider VanAmeyde.com we developed a cloud based product appraisal tool ValueChecker.net, that is now quickly becoming popular in InsurTech.
alaTest headquarters is in Central Stockholm with beautiful view over the Riddarfjärden, Old Town and City Hall.

ValueChecker is a revolutionary product expert tool for the Insurance industry.
It enables fast, simple and credible identification, valuation and depreciation of product claims. ValueChecker builds upon the technology and experience gained
by alaTest since 2005 in the field of consumer product information.
We welcome all nationalities and backgrounds - so long as you are legally employable in Sweden. Our company primary language is English.

If you have what it takes, look forward to challenges and want to join our team, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected].
Please reference 'Web Operations Technician' in subject line.
Note: We do require a small coding challenge to be completed by all applicants that pass the first review round.

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