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Hi! My name is Mac, and I am one of the hiring managers at Blocket, where we help people reduce their environmental footprint by buying and selling second hand stuff. Seriously, this is not PR mumbo-jumbo, we do care about this, and we measure our impact every year. Check it out for yourself here: https://secondhandeffect.schibsted.com/the-full-report/result-blocket-sweden/

As you saw from the job title, I am now looking for an SEO Technical Coach to join our organisation to help with stepping-up our search game.

This role is part of a two-person strategy, with a SEO Manager (also an opening! Read more at our careersite https://blocket.career/) responsible for laying out Blocket’s SEO strategy and coordinate its implementation, and an SEO technical coach who will guide and support our multiple teams in their SEO delivery.

Let me reiterate: this role is all about coaching other developers so they can do good SEO work, feel proud about it, and own SEO as a quality criteria for anything they do. In this role you will certainly end up writing some code, but the primary metrics for your success will be the SEO quality of the code written by the teams you will be coaching.

Also: while the SEO Technical Coach mission is to empower teams to do great SEO job, they are expected to be able to support the SEO manager too in drafting the general strategy, auditing the site, etc… These two people will be a team after all!

So, what are we looking for when it comes to the SEO Technical Coach? Glad you asked!

- You should be a skilled React developer: this role requires not only to be able to implement something in React, but to understand well how React works internally, and what tools are out there in the React ecosystem.
- You should have worked with SEO before: while we are not looking for the ultimate SEO expert, having worked with SEO before from a technical perspective (whether that is knowing how to implement structured data, do dynamic rendering, use semantic markup or something else) is a big plus.
- You need to have a growth mindset: we are looking for somebody who believe they can get smarter every day, and who likes to put the effort in honing their craft (depth) and expanding their horizons (width). Tech moves fast, and today’s expertise is tomorrow’s technical debt.
- You must be passionate about supporting others to learn new stuff: this role is not about writing a lot of code, but rather about helping others writing quality code that moves our SEO performance in the right direction.

We realise that we have set the bar rather high. We are ambitious (and you should be too!), but our guiding principle is to hire the right person™, rather than the person who fits an ideal profile. If you feel you would do great in this role but don’t really meet the tech requirements (React, SEO experience) we would still love to hear from you. Growth mindset and passion for supporting others are a must, though!


The Blocket journey began in Skåne 1996 - since then the concept of Blocket has been exported to over 40 other countries. Today, Blocket, which is owned by the media group Schibsted, is Sweden’s largest online marketplace. There are approximately 600 000 items, vehicles, jobs and housing being advertised and discovered by its 5 million visitors every week. The value for all advertisements in 2018 amounted to SEK 714 billion - equal to 15 percent of Sweden’s GDP. Thanks to second-hand trading at Blocket, 0.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gases can be avoided every year. The output being equivalent to if Stockholm’s city roads stood empty for about a year. Blocket has approximately 240 colleagues and the office is located in central Stockholm. Together, we are passionate about second-hand trading, the environment and the continued growth of Blocket - one of Sweden’s largest sites. We are proud environmental heroes, https: //www.blocket.se/inspira ... and enjoy working together, https://www.blocket.career/.

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