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In the ever-expanding world of digitizing we secure the new society that emerge. Nexus’ Smart ID solutions and IoT platforms are transforming how we perceive trusted identities for people and things. That journey begins with our awesome engineering teams. For the next step in this journey we are looking for a leader who wants to help us move deeper into the clouds.

Nexus PKI platform is used for people and things all over the world, in root CCAs (https://www.nexusgroup.com/controller-of-certifying-authorities-cca/), in next generation infrastructure (https://www.nexusgroup.com/nexus-enables-seamless-vehicle-charging-through-hubject/) and to secure civil services (https://www.nexusgroup.com/trusted-electronic-identities-for-it-devices-secures-the-future-of-democracy-in-stockholm/) all around the world. Are you using certificates in your products, it is not unlikely they have originated in our rock solid CA platform.

Adam Lundqvist (mailto:[email protected]), who is leading or Development departments, is now looking to strengthen our senior and very competent Dev team responsible for the Nexus core service Certificate Authority / Certificate Management (CM) (https://doc.nexusgroup.com/display/PUB/Nexus+Certificate+Manager) with an experience leader within DevOps.

We are offering you a chance to be part of a product/service company, just when the tech is starting to take off. Even though PKI has been around for decades its NOW the market really starts to understand the need for it. Billions of IoT devices, Zero trust and Deep fake put pressure on the society to evolve the next generation secure identities, and we are in the midst of it. And you can be in the middle of Nexus, furthering our core portfolio.

This role is based in our HQ in southern Stockholm (Telefonplan) but we are a global player with 300 employees, distributed over Europe and Asia.

What will you be doing at Nexus?

This is a multi-function role; your prime objective will be to be a great leader for a great team. This include day-to-day stuff like stand-up and sprint planning, long term strategy, be part of the customer journey and employee life cycle.

The team is pretty self-sufficient and we want all our leaders to take part in the hands-on work as well. This part depends on who you are. We are a company in transformation and growth, you will be able to contribute within many different areas. This could be as an Agile coach, Java developer, DevOps engineer driving the Azure DevOps journey, working with Change- and IT management. Or be a PKI expert supporting the organisation with your now-how. Your profile and passions will guide this part.

One important part of your mission will be to continue the SaaS adventure. We already have plenty of customers who consume our products as a service (you might have heard of a pretty big vehicle manufacturer (https://www.nexusgroup.com/volkswagen-premieres-all-new-golf-with-v2x-capabilities/) and their smart car / V2X solutions), but the lion part is still consumed as an on-prem solution. This is changing fast, and we need to change with the industry.

Who are you?

You can have acquired your greatness in many ways. We are not the kind of company that says that you HAVE to have xx years of experience in a specific technology. But we have some ideas about what we do think is important. The team you will be leading is using Java, and for that reason we want you to have a background as a Java developer, even though this could be a while back. We also think you have some relevant leader experience and that you enjoy being a leader with employee responsibility.

As stated above, we also want you to work hands-on within some areas. Therefore we want you to be really good in an area other than Management. This area should of course touched upon something DevOps:ie, but we are flexible. We also want you to have experience in cloud services and maybe even of the transformation from on-prem to SaaS.

The important thing is who you are. To enjoy your stay at Nexus, we think you should be passionate about development as a craft. This will give you the persistence and the drive to always working toward best practice, taking pride in the solution you and your team provide for our amazing customers and it will keep you curious and open-minded to new ways of working.

As a person we think you are a bit Zen, you are a force of nature when it comes to facilitate change, but more in the way of a drip of water making a ravine than a hurricane. You have reach the level of experience where you know yourself as a humane as well as a leader. You don’t need to be the expert in the room (believe us, you seldom will be. The team is really skilled) but have no problem driving your agenda when needed.

The Nexus group language is English and you will be able to do a great job with only fluency in English. But the fika-language in the Stockholm office is Swedish so for your comfort it could be good if you know some Swedish as well.

And one more thing, we are a security company and our costumers safety is very important to us, and this role will be subjected to a back ground check for the final candidate.

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