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What is Woshapp?
When you wash your car today, you are using 200-liter water to clean it. This is not very environment-friendly. Also, going to the gas station to wash your car takes a lot of time.
We revolutionize the way people wash cars. Instead of using 200 liters, we use around 400 ml of water and wash your car where you parked it. This can be outside your home in the evening. Or in the parking lot while you are working.

What is it like working here?
We believe in this company. Most of our employees have left great jobs to come work for us. We want to offer the possibility to not only have a salary but also be given stock options so that you can have a part of the value in the future.
Every person in the company has a lot of individual freedom to create. You are free to come up with solutions that you think would work well. The most important thing is that we deliver great products to our users and that we work towards a common goal. We are looking for a skilled backend developer, interested in building scalable systems.

We believe you are skilled in
Node JS / Express JS Framework
CI / Automated Deployment
AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean or Azure

want to be a part of a fast-growing startup
are curious to learn new things

It is also beneficial if you have tried or want to learn:
Socket IO / Web Sockets
Queuing (Celery or other)
Project Management
NGINX Your Challenge
We build things fast and continuously release new versions of our app and webpage.
Therefore we want to help us think about the scalability of our architecture and how to improve it going forward. We are planning for scaling fast, so we want you to work on making sure that the tech not only scale well in Sweden but in all other locations

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Backend developer" hos företaget Winovations AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 21 februari 2020 klockan 10:13.

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