At APSIS, we imagine a world where nobody gets a single spam message ever again.

Our vision is to help our customers communicate better with their users by allowing them to use their customer data more effectively. To reduce noise through better and more specific targeting; to add relevance by making each message personally tailored; to send the right message on the right channel at the right time and nothing else, for a better and personalised consumer experience.

Work Description

Our new APSIS One platform is built from the ground up using brand new cloud-native technology and methods.

APSIS aims to work at the forefront of technology and development. We follow modern agile practices with cross-functional DevOps teams, where each team assumes complete technical and operational ownership of their applications. This includes implementation, architectural design and tech selection, QA, continuous delivery, and technical production environment operations. We believe in small, highly skilled, highly empowered and autonomous teams taking maximal ownership of their systems.

In a typical day this role will be working as part of such a team, working in close collaboration with their team members and other similar teams in Stockholm, Malmö, Warsaw and Rostov, and with their Product Owner. The team has its own backlog of stories and tasks that the developers participate in the writing, grooming, prioritisation of, and then work together to bring it all the way to production. APSIS dev teams also have “20% time” where the team works outside the product backlog on tasks of their own choice.


- As part of the development team, implement new features and solve engineering challenges in a modern, cloud-native, microservice-based tech stack.
- Take an active part in team development, knowledge sharing and improvements to increase team velocity and developer quality of life.
- Respond to disruptions and proactively work to prevent such from occurring in the first place. The position includes a weekly rotating on-call duty, which also includes additional time off.


- 2+ years / 5+ years / 7+ years of professional development experience with a robust software engineering background
- Professional experience with using Amazon Web Services (particularly ECS, RDS, DynamoDB, Lambda, API Gateway, ElasticSearch, CloudWatch, and supporting tools like IAM) and Docker in production systems
- Experience with Node and/or GoLang and ready to learn and pick up tasks in either language
- Proven ability to write high-performant, maintainable code
- Ability to operate in a DevOps environment
- Experience with working on CI/CD pipelines
- Interest in, and ability to work hands-on with managing your own cloud infrastructure on a daily basis
- Creative and solutions-oriented, someone who enjoys tackling big challenges and is not afraid to learn new things along the way
- Strong sense of responsibility, someone who enjoys taking ownership of your work and who prides themselves on always delivering high quality
- Collaborative mindset, ability to work as part of a very distributed development organisation where many small teams need to coordinate

Bonus qualifications

- Experience with Angular, Typescript, React, Jasmine, ngrx
- Experience with Java, C# and .Net core
- AWS certifications or equivalent evidence of advanced AWS competency
- Experience with high performance / resilient microservices architecture is highly desirable
- Experience with REST API design, development and consumption
- Experience with distributed systems, queueing systems, event driven architecture
- Professional experience with building SaaS software, especially from web analytics or digital marketing or equivalent
- Experience from integration with 3rd party vendor systems

Position type

Full time

How to apply
Please apply by providing your CV and a personal letter as soon as possible. We will hire as soon as we find the right person.

Do you have questions about this position? Please contact [email protected]

About us
At APSIS, we believe in enabling great marketing for our customers. As the leading provider of marketing solutions in the Nordics, our goal is to enable and simplify the workloads of our many global clients every day. We do this by creating simple yet scalable tools within digital marketing, including data management, targeted emails, lead management and e-commerce recovery. At the end of the day, it all comes down to one thing: our clients’ marketing success is our success. And we’re proud to be there for them, every step of the way. ...Intrigued? Find out more at!

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Talented Devops Node/GoLang developer" hos företaget Apsis International AB och publicerades på den 2 december 2020 klockan 10:37.

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