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As the largest Cybersecurity company in Europe, we are trusted to help secure our customers IT presence spanning all regions and every type of industry. Making use of data lies at the core of our business and is key to our success more than ever.

While our focus lies in cybersecurity, our customers have also built up an ever-increasing interest in making similar use of their data for other parts of their businesses too. The answers to key aspects of IT Operations, Application Delivery, IoT/OT, Business Analytics and more often resides in the same, shared data as those for Security– it is just a matter of asking different questions. This broader field of data utilization we call Operational Intelligence; we use data for everything!

For this role of Splunk Developer, we specifically look for talent that loves the creative side of Splunk, who wants to delve deep into content development; to transform data and use cases into valuable insights for our customers to understand their past, present and glimpse into the future. We are open to applications from junior, senior and real ninjas in the fields.

Does this sound like something you´d love to work with?

Who we are looking for

We are first and foremost looking for the right individuals. We want challengers who are self-driven, curious and passionate no matter how junior or senior your experience may make you otherwise.

To be able to succeed in this role, we believe you must be versatile, love working with data and have sense for the relationship between technology and business. You have a broad technical interest and likely have been working in similar roles before where you´ve helped enterprises making use of their data. You´ve probably used tools like Splunk for years, are accustom with DevOps methodologies and technologies to make your and your customers daily life easier and more effective.

You are confident but humble, understand that you are only as good as your last gig. You know that what worked yesterday may be irrelevant tomorrow and therefor use your curiosity to continuously explore new ways of approaching problems and finding opportunities.

You are a self-driven individual who understands that we succeed when we succeed together as a team. You understand that this is an opportunity to shape not only your but also your colleagues and the company future by how we operate and form it together every day.

The following lists are not hard requirements, rather a summary of key aspects for success in this role. Gaps in knowledge and experience can be filled if you bring enough of a foundation of know-how, ability and attitude to build from.


  • Search / Query – proficient in utilizing search-based technologies (Splunk, ELK, SQL etc)
  • Development – proficient in development frameworks and scripting (.NET, JAVA, Python)
  • DevOps – proficient in methods (CI/CD/Automation/APM) and technologies (Git/Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Terraform/Vault)
  • Infra / Cloud – proficient with Windows/Linux/Virtualization and cloud providers (GCP, AWS, Azure)
  • Data visualisation – proficient with data use and manipulation (data modelling, statistics, ML / AI algorithms)


  • Several years of experience working with Splunk, with focus more on developing content than architecture and infrastructure although a high standard of this is required as well.
  • Several years working as a consultant or in a customer supporting role internally in a larger organization.
  • Several years practicing DevOps methodologies in agile environments.
  • Professionalism – as a consultant you are an advisor that work in the trust business. You guide our customers on their journey and put the long-term relationship before short-term gains.


  • Communication – strong communication skills to ensure cooperation, teamwork and results align well with expectations.

Certifications are not a requirement - we are after the know-how certifications often represent, not yesterdays hero. Work examples and references are welcomed.

In summary, we expect that you feel excited by most of the above, very confident in some parts and excited to complement any gaps. The list should be viewed for what it is; an aggregation of what we see frequently and think we will see going forward, it´s not a perfect representation for what we need or what the job will entail but rather a hint of what to expect as it´s likely to evolve continuously with the digital landscape it is meant to demystify.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Splunk developer" hos företaget Orange Cyberdefense Sweden AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 4 februari 2021 klockan 14:07.

Hur du söker jobbet

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