We’re on the road again. You could think it is the same old foggy highway road, but no, it is the road upwards and forwards with the destination into the pink fluffy clouds. An exciting journey to the next generations of marketplaces, where we actually need some extra hands to dig in with the construction work in order to get the stuff up there. The journey has a clear purpose, it is about sustainability and creating opportunities for everyone. Grab your gear, bring your maps. Let’s build this path and stairway to heaven (the cloud).

We are Blocket, Sweden’s largest and most popular marketplace with around 12,3M monthly active users generating 100 million sessions. We are proud of our work to enable second-hand trade in Sweden and our contribution to a positive environmental impact. Want to get a feel for the Blocket vibe? Check us out on Instagram & LinkedIn and read more on Begagnateffekten!

What you’ll be up to

The role as our devops engineer is about enabling our engineering teams to maximize development speed and resilience. You will be surrounded by a great team consisting of thirteen dedicated tech enablers. The common thing we do in our house is the infrastructure. In order to succeed you also have to understand development, and be prepared on being hands-on developing infrastructure. Our environment today is a mix of Kubernetes (EKS), PostgreSQL (RDS), EC2s, etc.

We collaborate heavily with pull requests, CI/CD, using infrastructure as code (terraform). And we work to solve problems only once, by automating, rather than doing things manually. Our mantra is ”Autonomy for teams; you build it, you run it”. In other words - take responsibility.

We work together with development teams to solve development needs. Currently we are running in AWS, but also in our two on premise data centers. The goal however, is to only operate in the cloud. And that is where you will play a really important role getting us there. Look up to the sky - that’s where we’re heading!

In short:

  • Find the best way to use the cloud together with stakeholders

  • Automate as much as possible

  • Create self service infrastructure

  • Hands on develop infrastructure

Who you are

Except being a great devops engineer knowing kind of everything about the cloud, construction work and what storms that turn things up and down - or call it infrastructure - you’re a real fan of collaboration. Although different specialities within the team, we are one team, supporting other teams. Even if you are up for quality, you know that speed is everything. Our task is to make that equation work smoothly. Quality and speed - the key to success, the key to everything. We truly believe in teamwork, the more brains the merrier. Or at least more knowledge. So if you are up for pair or even mob programming then hey - this is your team. In order to communicate with each and everyone, on all levels, you need to be fluent in English.


  • Experience with infrastructure as code

  • Experience with AWS, GCP, Azure or Kubernetes

  • Experience in at least one of go/python/ruby during the last couple of years

  • Three years of experience in cloud and programming or equivalent knowledge

Hello from the Mika and Nitin!

Warm welcome to a multidisciplinary team with skills varying from software development, infrastructure expertise to cloud security. As a part of our house (team) you will enjoy an enriching environment with constant learnings and discussions. You will collaborate and enable all teams within Blocket, but beyond that share tech with all of Schibsted.

Blocket is the best place to be, not only do we have highly skilled technical employees and satisfying challenges, but we are also proud of an excellent work culture and diversity balance. We believe this is the essence of a wonderful work experience at Blocket. It’s a great responsibility and motivator to work at Blocket with Blocket in everyday work. Working close to a product that engages “all” in Sweden and at the same time contribute to a sustainable lifestyle gives you a wider perspective.

Best part about my role (Nitin) is the freedom in the technical decision making, this is something that is highly encouraged in Blocket. It helps you widen your horizons and grow more, grow fast! I (Mika) appreciate the trust given to us - building a new tech stack, with modern technologies - and the challenge it gives when building for scale and resilience.

Interested in joining the Blocket world?

We look forward to hearing from you! Send your CV or apply with your LinkedIn-profile and let us know what makes you tick. We would love to get to know you a bit better!

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "DevOps Engineer" hos företaget Blocket AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 25 november 2021 klockan 22:23.

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