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About Gompute

Gompute is one of the world's leading HPC Cloud platforms. HPC Cloud Platform? You wonder... , simple, it?s a platform built to handle large scale scientific, technical and business applications which need massive scaling and depend on technologies like parallel file systems, high speed/low latency interconnects and other technologies typically common only to a supercomputer center!

Now, we didn't stop with just building our HPC Cloud service using our platform, we made sure our platform can be used in private data centers to build private clouds in-house, helping companies centralize their computing, accessing computing resources from all over the globe!

Build and Release Engineer - Location: Gothenburg, Sweden.
The Gompute product development team is looking for a build and release engineer to help us in our transition to a new build and deploy procedure. We develop web applications, big data analytics systems, scalable and reliable services.

Our products and services are growing and getting more complex, requiring a more intelligent and robust approach to handle our dependencies and ease our deployment procedure on both our HPC cloud and for our in-house users.

This will be a great opportunity for you to be part of this transition and help shape our next generation build, release and deployment approach. We also expect you to contribute to our testing and quality control procedures.

Skills/Qualifications we think you need

1. Excellent Linux skills.
2. Knowledge of build tools on Microsoft Windows and Linux.
3. Strong scripting skills in Python, BASH or some other scripting language.
4. Knowledge of version control systems like GIT, SVN etc.
5. Knowledge of continuous integration tools like Jenkins, TFS, Go CD etc.
6. Excellent English oral and written communication skills.
7. Looking forward to learn, use and develop innovative technologies.
8. Excellent visual and verbal documentation skills.

Skills/Qualifications which would help

1. Knowledge of Docker, LXC or other container systems.
2. Knowledge of tools like Supervisor, Circus etc.
3. Knowledge of management systems like Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Chef etc.

Apply by sending your resume to [email protected]

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Build and Release Engineer" hos företaget Gridcore ab och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 23 oktober 2015 klockan 14:35.

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Ansökan sker via e-post till [email protected].

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