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<h4>Who are we looking for? You know that Javascript isn’t some coffee recipe and you actually think it’s kind of lame when HR people try to lure you by pulling coffee/code jokes. Well, besides your high standards of coffee jokes you have experience in front end /web development. To master HTML5, CSS and Javascript on a daily basis is what gives you a small moments of joy. You like finding and working with different frameworks, tools or libraries. And hey, if you have the ‘know-how’ when it comes to making a website responsive we might even high five you when we meet! Besides your epic coding skills you’re that kind of person that people look at and silently ask themselves “Where does (insert your name) find the time to stay up to date with everything?” Yes, the innovative thinking you bring to the table can sometimes be questioned with madness. Don’t worry, all masters are misinterpreted until mainstream gets it, we know.Logic + computer = making stuff cool and pretty. That’s you, isn’t it? If so take the challenge and show us what you know!</h4>
<li>A Front End Developer position at Fyndiq that will include:</li>
<li>Experimenting with the latest techniques and tools to keep your knowledge to a cutting edge level in the front end world</li>
<li>Making a clear difference to engineering team, where it’s quick decision-making, hard work, teamwork, results and great coding that counts</li>
<li>Working closely with our super data driven marketing team</li>
<li>A shortlist of finalist will be invited for an interview</li>
<li>Winners will be selected based on interview results</li>
<li>No prize alternatives or cash equivalents are offered</li>
<li>The winner is solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to the acceptance of the prize</li>
<li>Prizes are non-transferable</li>
<li>Need to have a valid work visa for Sweden</li>
<li>You’re proficient in HTML5, CSS and Javascript</li>
<li>You’re a fast learner</li>
<li>You take pride in what your produce which means that after you’ve come up with all crazily beautiful and innovative ideas</li>
<li>You’re careful, accurate and DWC (deploy with care)</li>
<li>You enjoy people and like working in a small team where everyone’s input counts</li>

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Front End Developer" hos företaget Sqore och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 27 oktober 2015 klockan 00:00.

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