Coop are boldly going where no one has gone before by creating new standards in the industry as a whole. Together with a fantastic and highly skilled team they are on a journey to innovate new ways of interacting and helping customers with the constant puzzle that is life.

Are you a Data Engineer curious in finding and creating new solutions in the food experience arena? Then this exciting job-opportunity might be something for you!

Coop is now expanding their AI team with data engineers to help build a state-of-the-art data platform on the cloud to make Coop a truly data driven company. The understanding of the customers needs and behaviors will fuel the innovation process to become more personalized and efficient. The motto is “Relevance in every touchpoint”!

About the role

The goal is to build up a state-of-the-art data platform on the cloud. The platform will empower both our data scientists to develop new AI/ML models as well as democratize data to the analysts and business users throughout the organization.

What you will do:

- Build data pipelines from various sources to the data platform

- Build real time data pipeline from Kafka to data platform

- Structure data in layers from raw to curated (bronze, silver and gold)

- Democratize data for different users in the organization

- Configure tools and help improving our MLOps

The team will work with data from both digital and physical touchpoints to find and identify complex patterns and relationships in large data sets. You will build real time pipelines from Kafka to the data platform. By structuring the data in layers from raw to curated you will democratize the data for different users in the organization.

You will also help our data scientists to configure the tools that operationalize our ML models and improve their MLOps.

Skills & Requirements

We believe that you:

- Are familiar with Spark and other big data frameworks.

- Have experience working with data pipelines in cloud environments, preferably in Azure and Databricks.

- Have experience in programming (SQL, Java, Scala and/or Python)

- Are familiar with Kafka, and the principles and concepts of event-driven architecture and streaming data

- Have worked with data lake and the concept of save data in raw immutable form

- Familiar with Kubernetes and software development best practices

Who are you?

To succeed in this role, we believe you have a great passion for getting value from data and love to work with technologies that make it possible to create completely new data driven solutions. You have significant experience as a Data Engineer where you have worked with many different types of problems and solutions.

We also believe that you are a great team player. As a person, you are curious, results-oriented, and analytical with good problem-solving ability.

A background check is a mandatory requirement for the last step of the recruitment process.

Interested to know more?

In this recruitment Coop is collaborating with IDG Recruitment. If you are interested or have any questions contact recruitment consultant Marcus Grahn at 070 669 00 28 or [email protected].

Please apply with your CV or LinkedIn profile and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Selection and interviews are ongoing.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

About Coop

The journey you are about to join will offer you a combination of an entrepreneurial environment with a focus on sustainability and the opportunity to work with latest digital technologies in AI and machine learning to create better services for all of us - whether it is to put tasty food on the table or make sure the toilet paper does not run low.

You will be part of a fun team with high ambitions in creating change and making an impact in the digital space as well as creating new solutions for the members at Coop.

Coop HQ is located in Solna Business Park, about 10 minutes from the city center. It is a spacious office with a green slide leading you down to the restaurant - because great environmentally friendly food is what it’s all about in the end.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Cloud Data Engineer to Coop" hos företaget Nordic recruitment Group AB och publicerades på den 23 mars 2022 klockan 07:21.

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