Veritaz is a fast-growing IT-consultant firm. Our company is made up of insanely bright people from over 4 countries, and we are located in Sweden, UK, US and Pakistan. The voyage has been incredible this far, but it is only the beginning.

We are currently looking for passionate experienced and result-oriented candidates for the role of a Developer with a professional background and exemplary concepts to join our team.

Key Responsibilities:

You'll join an Agile development team that has a strong sense of camaraderie. The team is made up of talented programmers with backgrounds in testing, system design, and requirement management.

The Consultant will:

  • Plan, prioritise, and coordinate work with your team's members.
  • Analyze requirements, create test cases, drive test automation implementation, and integrate them into the CI Chain
  • Create test cases for requirements and integrate them into the CI Device.
  • Identify test requirements, conduct tests, and oversee test automation implementation.
  • Create failure mode test scenarios.
  • Assist with fault tracing and/or troubleshooting.
  • Contribute to the testing of systems and the updating of test methods, tools, and processes.
  • Contribute to the team's test strategy and collaborate with other members of the team to improve the overall test strategy and test quality.
  • As a member of the agile team, you'll be in charge of managing internal and external interfaces with stakeholders.

Education, Expertise, and experience requirements:

Competency prerequisites for the applicant:

  • Computer science, electrical engineering, or computer engineering bachelor's or master's degree, or equivalent documented experience is required.
  • Strong Python/CAPL, Robot Framework/Jenkins, Gerrit/GIT, and automation testing tools skills are required to automate tests.
  • Familiarity with the ISO 13400 DoIP protocol, as well as the CAN – 15765 and ISO 14229 UDS protocols.
  • CAPL coding
  • CANoe
  • ParallelDiag
  • Priority State Machine o External/Internal Tester
  • Client Connection Logical Architecture
  • Routers – Edge Node and Gateway Module
  • CANoe – Basic understanding of TCP/IP, including key architectural principles and layers
  • CANoe – Basic understanding of TCP/IP, including key architectural principles and layers
  • Handling requirements
  • Coding knowledge and understanding in Python, C, C++, and CAPL.
  • A Swedish driver's licence B (or an equivalent) is required.
  • Intermediate or higher coding skills in Python, C, and C++ are desirable.
  • ECU Activation and Deactivation Sequence
  • P2P, Eth LAN, WLAN, Tester and Client Connections, EDCC FR
  • Requirements and Subsystems, VCC DoIP specification, Vehicle speed, Vehicle modes, and Usage modes, EDCC FR
  • Requirements and Subsystems, EDCC FR
  • Requirements and Subsystems, EDCC FR
  • Requirements and Subsystems
  • CAN – 15765, ISO 14229 UDS protocol
  • ISO 13400 DoIP protocol
  • System Engineering expertise is valuable.
  • System Weaver tool knowledge is valuable.
  • You are inquisitive, eager to learn, and willing to experiment in order to innovate.
  • You care about your customers and are dedicated to providing high-quality service.
  • You are adaptable and can begin working on a task without having all of the facts in front of you.
  • You are well-organized, structured, and knowledgeable about the SAFe/Agile framework.
  • You can create and maintain cross-functional networks both inside and outside your company to gain technical insights and improve your working methods.
  • You have a well-balanced personality that allows you to work well with others while also being self-motivated.
  • You're also a natural communicator with excellent documentation skills.


It is advantageous to have the following knowledge & experience:

  • Working in a SAFe/Agile team and environment is a plus.
  • Understanding of Vehicle Mode Management is advantageous.

Scope: 100%

Language Requirements: Mastery of English language in both speech and writing is required..

Location: Remote

So, what are you still waiting for? Join us on our adventure!

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Developer | 100% Remote" hos företaget Veritaz AB och publicerades på den 23 juni 2022 klockan 10:50.

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