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Some of our colleagues have them under the crib bed.

Others on their desktop. Or, as a footstool, at home in their apartment. Then there are those, who actually have them in their garden.

Of course we are talking about the Automower®.

The robot that can sing "Happy Birthday" (Husqvarna Automower® Robotic Mowers Sing Happy Birthday to the Mars Curiosity Rover - YouTube) - and cut grass. At a millimeter level, actually. Did we mention that some of them have GPS-assisted navigation? That it’s controlled via app and that it can be voice activated? It even predicts the weather conditions, to choose that perfect mowing time.

*Fun fact: For that, one of them was selected as a special mention in TIME's Best Inventions of 2022 (Husqvarna Automower 415X: The 200 Best Inventions of 2022 | TIME).

Yep, we’re working with the technology of the future, that is one that is certain.

So, a warm welcome home to Robotics!

You can't really believe that behind our walls hides 330-year-old engineering, mixed with one of Sweden's most interesting software departments. We would even like to stick our nose out and say that our department is like a start-up company, within Husqvarna.

Yes, you read that right. At Robotics, we develop the Automowers of tomorrow, with technology like sensor fusion, path planning, positioning, obstacle detection and avoidance, connected to radar, the cloud, GPS and satellite, and with 200,000 daily users in the app. Here, we build the gardeners of the future - and connect them to smart homes, Google Home, Alexa and more.

Okay okay, you've heard punchlines and buzzwords before. That's not where you come into the picture.

You move on, behind the sales pitches and cool headlines and step inside of our world of robotics, where the magic happens. Or, magic? Rather 120 Engineers, who use everything from C in the built-in systems in the mowers, to C# for building our own service tools (and of course, the latest .Net framework versions) and typescript, kotlin or java for our apps.

But, to be really honest here. We put a lot of trust in you. And of course, this also applies to the choice of technology. We have been inspiring curiosity since 1689, so why stop now. Because, we know that the product will be a little better from your work and by what you do here.

And you will notice too. Like, every day, you will notice.

Where we hope that you will come in:

Your job? To blow “the soul” into the product. That’s beautiful, right?

You’re in to the nitty gritty. The one who put the “ones and zeros” together. Yeah, you know the drill. You will be working with circuit boards - and it’s going to be code in them. You get to see what happens at the bottom of the product

Drivers, robot behavior, advanced algorithms and user interfaces. You’re there all the way - from idea, design, implementation to test. Hopefully, you feel just like your future colleague Jonathan about that: “You know when you get some really nasty bugs? That's when the feeling appears”. It’s spelled “problem solving” and you, you’re like a detective, solving them.

At Robotics, you can test code and roll it out quite directly, without several people having to approve it.

We trust you to convert complex relationships, into structured and simple code. Feel free to sit together with a colleague for an hour or two and go through the code. Maybe you don't understand the solution from start, but then we will find it. Together.

Who you are:

Here, we would usually fill in what we are looking for, but we believe that you who gets that smile on your face reading the above are an experienced Embedded Developer, so we do not need to explain that in more detail. Nor that you are interested in new technique and things like connectivity, robot and algorithm development.

You’re fluent in C, just like you are in English. A plus if you’re also fluent in Swedish (you should at least be able to communicate and understand).

How to get along (your application):

We roll by the device "to do great things with great people." If you´re in to the same thing and it's in the stars for us - let's make some magic together.

Apply! Or, contact us, and we'll sort out the details.

For questions regarding the process please contact

Recruiter - Matilda Björkegren [email protected] or Hiring managers Rolf Janeke [email protected], Erik Hårsmar [email protected] or Marcus Nordin [email protected].

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