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Job ads are too long. So we’re going to be blunt: We need a talented UI Designer to come here and perform design magic as soon as possible.

As a UI Designer at FishBrain, you’ll be creating intuitive and smooth user experiences through stunning UI design. It’ll be like you’re blending perfectly ripe avocado into a banana-blueberry smoothie…tasty.

This is our wish list:

* You’re open and social. You don’t have to be loud, and you don’t have to be the juggling extrovert at a party. But hopefully you like to connect with the people around you. And the word ‘team’ doesn’t give you an adverse skin reaction when you say it.

* Learning energizes you. Not knowing something makes you excited to dive into it.

* Hopefully you’ve done some work with apps and/or mobile web before, and you have experience with or are willing to learn Sketch (our main design tool).

Your daily work will involve improving existing designs and taking them to new platforms. You’ll be part of our design team, and you’ll also work closely with our engineers during production. It’ll be a definite advantage if you have prior experience designing for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Pitch us on why we should pick you by…

[drum roll]

sending a portfolio and cover letter. (If you have a favorite smoothie recipe, feel free to share that too. We love finding good uses for fresh produce.)

The cover letter is important. Get the boring stuff out of the way first (if there’s any boring stuff at all – we don’t want to make assumptions here.) Then tell us something that makes you special.  Don’t be embarrassed to tell us about your high scores in Candy Crush, the number of trout you caught fishing last summer, or how many hot dogs you can eat in sixty seconds in front of a cheering crowd. What matters most is how you tell us about it.

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We write job ads like this one. We make the world’s best fishing app. We care about the environment. And we have an amazing time together, day in and day out. Check us out at fishbrain.com!

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