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We're seeking a talented and experienced Mobile Developer to join our dynamic and growing team. You will play a key role in designing, developing, and maintaining the Vitala mobile application. Working closely with our dedicated UI/UX designer, you will bring their designs to life, ensuring seamless integration of engaging and intuitive user interfaces which will improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide. If you are passionate about creating exceptional user experiences and possess a strong foundation in mobile development, we want to hear from you.

Responsibilities include:

1. Design, develop, and maintain mobile applications for iOS and/or Android platforms, ensuring high performance, responsiveness, and scalability.

2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams including product managers, designers, and other developers to translate requirements into functional mobile solutions.

3. Implement engaging and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices and screen sizes.

4. Write unit tests and conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve bugs, ensuring the reliability and stability of mobile applications.

5. Integrate mobile applications with backend services and third-party APIs to enable key functionalities and data exchange.

6. Utilize version control systems (e.g., Git) to manage codebase, and facilitate the deployment of mobile applications to app stores, adhering to platform-specific guidelines and requirements. Qualifications As we are a fast-growing startup, we are looking for the right team member that is solution-driven, a prime DOER, highly motivated, loves tackling complex problems, and a team player!

Preferably, you should have:

● At least 3+ years of experience as a mobile developer.

● Strong experience in developing mobile applications using React Native is essential. You should be adept at building robust and responsive UI components and implementing complex functionalities.

● Solid understanding and practical experience with Typescript are required. You should be able to write clean, maintainable, and type-safe code.

● Experience with Redux-Toolkit or similar state management libraries is crucial for efficiently managing application state and data flow within the mobile app.

● Proficiency in using mobile UI frameworks such as React-Native Paper and Victory-Native is preferred. Familiarity with styling techniques and best practices using CSS-in-JS is a plus.

● Experience in integrating mobile applications with backend services using REST API is necessary. Familiarity with backend technologies like Java, Spring Boot, and databases like MySQL and MongoDB is advantageous.

● Knowledge of internationalization techniques and libraries such as i18-Next for adapting mobile applications to different languages and regions is desirable.

● Experience with CI/CD pipelines, particularly with tools like Docker and AWS, for automating the deployment process is beneficial. In order to be a good fit for our team, you need to be high-energy, competitive, trustworthy, take pride in your work, not afraid to fail, believe in teamwork, and have a passion to disrupt a whole healthcare industry to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Technologies we use

Backend: Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, MongoDB, Docker, AWS, REST API

Web: React, Typescript, Next.js, React-query, Css-in-js, Next-intl, Formik, Recharts

App: React-Native, Typescript, Redux-Toolkit, React-Native Paper, React-Hook-Form, Victory-Native, i18-Next, Firebase

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