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As a Senior Engineer (Tooling) at CaptureAge, you will focus on C++ projects in proprietary game engines alongside tooling and infrastructural work in languages like Rust and Typescript, with broad future scope. You will be expected to work on complex C++ projects with a high degree of autonomy.

This role is a part of our game development team working directly on Age of Empires titles including Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and Age of Mythology: Retold, not on our independent CaptureAge application.

Key responsibilities

  • Architecting and implementing features for existing tooling software
  • Refactoring old systems to integrate with new tools
  • Implementing automation, management, and conversion of various game content data


  • Experience working with a full stack desktop application, including UI implementation using MVVM/MVC
  • Confident working in C++ and engaging with a challenging legacy codebase
  • Interested in the ongoing balance between UI/UX ideals and engineering/timeline practicalities
  • Experience in game development, preferably in AAA studios
  • Understanding of PowerShell, Azure build pipelines is desired, but not required


  • High level of spoken and written English is required
  • Enthusiastic about delivering great experiences for players of a legendary franchise
  • Team player

As a team we love resilient and robust code bases, so we take advantage of code quality tools as much as possible (e.g., capturing constraints at the type level; linting; autoformatting). Code-review is standard across our projects.

Application Process

Please answer our form that briefly outlines why you are interested in this role and why your experience and skills make you a good fit. To demonstrate your attention to detail, include the phrase “Cavalry Archer” somewhere when filling the application form.

About CaptureAge

CaptureAge is a company that grew out of the Age of Empires community and is now partnered with Xbox Game Studios to provide game development services in AAA titles like Age of Empires II and Age of Empires IV. We have a small (35+) but growing team of passionate game developers, from artists to software engineers.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
The people making games should be as diverse as the people playing them and we encourage applications from all backgrounds and identities. As a fully remote and internationally distributed company we are a team that enjoys and celebrates a diversity of voices and perspectives.

Our compensation is determined by considering competitive market rates, experience, and cost of living. As a fully international company, we strive to ensure competitive compensation aligned with the local cost of living and market standards.

Fully Remote – Location / Time Zones
We are a fully remote company with team members in 15+ countries across many time zones. We prefer team members who fit within broadly American/African/European time zones (UTC-8 to UTC+3) but we are open to applications from anywhere.

Hours/Time Management
We have a flexible approach to time-management, and we believe in giving team members the opportunity to control their own schedules. We'd like to see a world in which work can fit around your life, not the other way around! In practice this means a few pre-agreed sync points a week, with the rest of your working time entirely up to you – we do not have mandatory core hours.

Async Biased
We lean towards async working arrangements and design our processes and working environment with this in mind.

Consensus Driven
We try to foster a genuinely collaborative and consensus driven approach to our work rather than top-down direction and micro-management.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Senior Engineer (Tooling)" hos företaget Meet a Group international AB och publicerades på den 11 juni 2024 klockan 20:55.

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