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We’re looking for a Mid / Senior Frontend Developer to join our team and help turn dreams into reality. If you’re always on top of the latest technologies, have a keen eye for design and you love creating scalable frontend architectures (yes it’s a thing!) - read along! :)

Our tech stack:

We always strive to use the most suitable tool for the job, so our stack is constantly evolving. We write our frontend code in Typescript using ES6 modules. Our frameworks of choice are: Angular 1.5 (yay for multiple transclusion slots!) and React + a simples flux implementation (stateless components ftw!) . We have several applications that are yet to build so you'll have the opportunity to choose the technology that will best fit each project.

We’re not afraid to challenge our choices, we love open source and above all, we’re a product driven company so technology is at the core of everything we do. You can check out our full stack on StackShare.

Our development culture:

We are a small team that moves fast and iterates. We do weekly sprints, code reviews, testing, and once your code is submitted it gets pushed to production through our continuous deployment infrastructure (using Jenkins). We put a lot of emphasis on code style, cleanliness and robustness. You will get to work with a dedicated UX designer, and amazing engineers specializing in machine learning and distributed systems.

What you can expect from us:

As an early engineer in a small team, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact on the product, company vision and culture. You will get to work with the latest technologies out there, without being bound to any legacy. Have the opportunity to solve real-life problems using machine learning. We will never limit your creativity, never shut down ideas before testing them with customers and we will never be boring! it's going to be an exciting ride!


Your annual compensation will be between 20,000 and 42,000 EUR pre-tax ( about $22,500 - $47,000) plus equity, based on your experience, qualifications and location.

If this sounds like a company you’d love be a part of building, and you’ve got the skill set, please get in touch with your CV and work samples at: [email protected]

Also, be sure to give us an idea of what kind of person you are in addition to your skills, because cultural fit is as important to us as your front end development abilities!

We’d love to hear from you!

What we're looking for:

The most important thing we are looking for in a candidate is proven passion for programming and problem solving: a Github/Stackoverflow account, an interesting project you can share, or a blog you write will go a long way.

We are a distributed team, so you can work from anywhere you want, as long as it's 2 hours +/- from GMT+2. (The timezone is an important requirement for us at this stage)

It’s really important to us that you have the ability to adapt to the company’s work processes using the agile-scrum methodology, and using tools such as Jira and Slack. Not only because of our remote working culture, but even more so because of this, you need to be really awesome at communicating, and to be organized and self-driven.

Oh, and you need to want to have fun :)

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have solid experience with HTML5, CSS3 transitions, SASS.
  • Think with responsive design
  • Understand Angular 1.5 with component based architecture
  • Be familiar with ReactJS + Flux based architecture + Higher-order components + Component composition + Component portals (yes we have it all)
  • Know your way around Typescript and is able to deliver Interface based design
  • Have an eye for good design
  • Be proficient with modern frontend build tools and the ability to create build processes
  • Use ES6 features on a daily basis
  • Understand the core principles of functional programming and immutable state handling (and can write a .reduce function without stackOverflow :D)
  • Be good at explaining complex technological topics - for sharing knowledge within the team and being able to provide advanced support to our top merchants
  • Work with Git

Beyond the basics (what would really impress us):

  • Experience with interactive svg/canvas design (d3, paperjs, pixijs, anything canvasy)
  • Experience with full-stack development (Express, child process management, fs)
  • Experience with AWS management

Findify is an intelligent discovery solution for online stores, delivering search, recommendations and layered navigation solutions. We use machine learning and big data to solve real-life problems, which enables us to deliver accurate & relevant  results on a completely different level. By improving product findability, end-consumers will find what they’re looking for, and online merchants increase their revenue between 10-30%.

We are an international startup, with team members based in Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris and Poznan. We deliver fast, continuously iterate, and encourage rapid response to change. We place a lot of importance on team dynamics and have a very transparent organization bound by openness, accountability and trust. We are a team of ambitious people who are passionate about our domains; we work hard, ship products and have fun while doing it.

You can read more about Findify, our team and our offering, at findify.io.

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