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We are looking for another kind of Cloud Developer

Picture this; You´re browsing the web, maybe just passing the time, “just looking” for new opportunities. All of a sudden you find this job ad that reads “Cloud Developer”. This is when your constant ambition to aspire for more turns into overdrive. Your passion for pushing your own boundaries and infuse yourself, and the company you work for, with energy starts kicking in. Keep reading, because we got a task for you that will make destroying the Death Star look like a Sunday morning brunch.

Another kind of Task

Do the words Nova, Quantum, Neutron, Swift, Cinder and Horizon mean more to you than really cool-sounding sci-fi names? Great, then we are on the right track. Today ELITS has a public cloud offering, based on OpenStack, placed in two data centers in Sweden. But the ambition is to have the best private and public cloud services on the market, by continuously developing new functionality and business modules. This is where your skill and ambition will make a difference. In the role as OpenStack Developer at ELITS, you will become an integral part of the most exciting project that we have ever launched. The OpenStack development team will spearhead our future business venture in the cloud arena, and set a new standard for cloud services in the Nordic market. Now we are putting together the best possible team of experienced people, that all share a passion for OpenStack development. The task at hand is monumental, but so are the rewards. Have we got your attention yet?

Another kind of Qualifications

The main component that we are looking for in our candidates is the passion and ability to contribute to an OpenStack development team. We have compiled a list of what we think your skills look like:

- Intermediate fluency in Python

- Good understanding of Linux and virtualization

- Knowledge of the Django framework

- Experience working with Xen, KVM or OpenStack

- Excellent problem solving and debugging skills

- Self-motivated and detail oriented

- Excellent communication skills

- Bachelor or Master degree from University or College

- 3 years experience as a software engineer or equivalent

Another kind of Responsibilities

As a member of our OpenStack development team, you will assist in defining and developing software for ELITS cloud offering. Tasks associated with this is developing, debugging or designing the software applications or operating systems. We expect you to share knowledge with the other members of the team and be a great team-player. Included in the daily tasks are also to specify, design and implement modest changes to existing software architecture to meet changing needs.

The challenges that you will face every day are varied and complex and requires you to use your entire skill-set. Most of all it requires you to be very competent in your own area of expertise. An interest in continuing your personal development is vital as you further down the road may take on project lead roles.

The Employee Empowering kind

We are people, not functions. And we often work totally integrated within our customers´ organisations. This is why we encourage entrepreneurial drive and innovative thinking as we trust all our employees with their own decision-making. Confidence and long leashes spark creativity and are the foundation of all real improvements.

ELITS is a global provider of IT operations and infrastructure solutions.

We provide 24/7/365 service and support through our locations in Europe, North America and Asia.

But we are pretty far from your average, IT corporation stereotype. We are the anti-thesis to corporate hierarchies, strictly contract-driven business and short-term revenue focus. We are something different.

We are - and provide - Another kind of IT.

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