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Labino is a manufacturing company designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing UV lights and Radiometer/Photometers. Our main industry is Non Destructive testing in which the aerospace industry is our primary market. We are a supplier of Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney, The Boeing Company, GE Aviation, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX and many more. We have 98 % export and sell exclusively through distributors in 50 plus countries. Labino is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, aiming to become ISO/IEC 17025 (Calibrations) accredited as well as ISO 9100 (Aerospace) certified in the near future.

Production as well as a majority of the R & D takes place in Domsjö, Örnsköldsvik. The main product line that is produced and calibrated in Vallentuna is our Radiometer/Photometer, Apollo 1.0 UV-A and visible light meter. But in this location we also perform UV light measurements as per different client engineering specifications. We are now looking into expanding the R & D and production team in Vallentuna.

Together with the team, you will be responsible for the following areas:


- R & D: Modify and develop Microsoft Windows-based software used to perform calibration of our Radiometer/Photometer as well as develop and modify the software built in our Radiometer/Photometer circuits to be used for new applications.

- Calibration Process: Ensure that our process is accurate and in accordance with standards (i.e. ISO/IEC 17025) as well as other branch standards.

- Calibration - Serial production: Perform calibration of the Radiometer/Photometer in serial production, together with the team.

UV and White light measurement:

- LED standards: Make sure we follow and comply with all existing manufacturers' requirements by testing our products as per the standards, make sure we comply and write reports.

- Measurement software: Improve and develop the software used to perform UV and white light measurements of our products using spectrometers and other instruments. All standards we are working according to are branch and customer related, such as Rolls-Royce specifications and ASTM standards.

- Measurement - Serial production: Perform measurement of the UV lamps as per the above standards for serial production.

New R & D Projects:

- Software: Be part of the R & D team and be responsible for developing the software in all future products.

Labino is a small company and everybody in the team has several responsibilities. This role requires that you are able to work with programming and advanced R & D as well as performing calibration and measurements for serial production when needed.


Software engineer and/or Physicist
Experience of:
a) Programing in C++ and smart phone software.
b) Blue Tooth applications
c) PLC interfaces
d) Optics and light
e) English in spoken and written is mandatory

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