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As Backend Developer you will be a major asset in the team behind yta.se, currently composed of two great developers. Yta.se is a data driven marketplace startup with a strong focus on technology which means that your role will extend beyond committing code to being a part of deciding how and what we should build. You will be working with a stack consisting of Python and Flask hosted in the Google Cloud Platform, communicating data to our React frontend through a RESTful API.

The role is an integral part of Objektia’s future growth, where you will be an early member of a small team investing heavily in product development. You will work closely with our lead developer, another backend developer, our product manager, and the rest of the team to turn product plans into continuously pushed code. Examples of challenges you will face include; supporting the frontend of the app with better performance, creating tools to improve the sales process efficiency and making reliable improvements to older parts of the code.

--How we work--

We work with one week sprints and one month road maps that translate directly into your work tasks. In our workflow we use planning and communication tools such as Slack and Github. We leverage external services when building required functionality such as Imgix and CircleCI. Being a small organization, we’re all part of the same team. Decisions are made fast and everyone's opinion is highly valued. It's a full time job and you’ll be located at our Stockholm office where the spoken language is English.

You’re highly passionate about programming with a proven track record of writing beautiful and maintainable Python code. You always strive to follow best practices and document your code. Working in a small organization suits you, where you enjoy managing your own projects as well as being a part of creating the workflows that are adapted to you and the rest of the organization. You find the opportunity to build something new and taking pride in your architectural decisions exciting.

--Required Skills--

-You have worked on web based projects with proven results.

-You have strong written and spoken English

-Preferred Skills

-NoSQL knowledge

-Experience with unit testing

-Comfortable with Flask / Django or similar frameworks

-Experience with Google Cloud Platform is a plus

Building the future of office space search
At yta.se we are working on building the best tools for finding office space online. Finding an office is a broken process many years behind it's peers in the private real estate market. Our marketplace strives to be the solution to that problem through quality of data and currently serves thousands of companies each month. The technical challenge that lies at the heart of our mission is to map the entire industry from address to the availability of bike parking spots, in an environment where this data largely has to be provided by us.

Meet the team and experience our (previous) office in an yta.se 3D-Tour

- See more at: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/yta

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