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Position Summary:

We at Ericsson Packet Core, are currently looking for a software developer to work with one of Ericsson's industry-leading product that is a part of 2G-, 3G-, 4G and 5G-networks. We are constantly adding new functionality to support both existing and future generation networks.

You will mainly be working with the platform in a product called SGSN-MME. The product is a central (key) node in the packet core network, providing mobile internet to users all over the world. The platform is GNU/Linux-based and is built up using the Yocto project. An SGSN-MME is a large scale distributed and parallel system implemented mainly in Erlang and C/C++ and can serve tens of millions of subscribers simultaneously.

We are working with Agile software development, using methods and principles like Lean and Scrum to create a product that excels. We strive for early customer and stakeholder feedback. We want that to be a key element in our development process. We rely on team collective responsibility to complete all tasks according to a prioritized backlog.

To expand our organization’s capacity, we are looking for ambitious, intelligent, creative and inspiring individuals to join us. We provide a fun and challenging environment where you can grow and help to inspire your colleagues to further growth.

Responsibilities & Tasks:

Our teams are cross-functional, self-organizing and highly independent. You’ll be working directly with your Product Owner and stakeholders in a collaborative manner. This requires maturity and a ‘team first’ approach, which may not be right for everyone, but which we believe is the best way to create great software.

The team will design, implement and test the feature, product and system from requirements to production and commercial deployment. Some teams have a life cycle responsibility for a part of the product.

Among other things, Unit/Component Test, Refactoring and Continuous Delivery are defining concepts and we are constantly improving our ways of working. We are not perfect and not afraid to say so. We are on a journey and we know we have many problems to solve and we need to learn new things on the way. We believe in trying new things that suits your team, e.g.:

• Software Craftsmanship
• Reserved time for improvements and innovations
• Hackathons
• Knowledge sharing from external channels

Our product, tools and infrastructure places high technical requirements on the team including high-performance application development, low latency requirements, multi-threaded/multi-process troubleshooting, and embedded system development in an environment with huge amounts of data.

Technologies we use and need to master:

Most of our product code is written in C, C++ and Erlang. We use Linux as OS. Test and development scripts are developed in TTCN, Perl, Python, Java and Gherkin. Shell scripting is also used.


Fluent in English, written and oral.

We are looking for a developer who loves operating systems and who wants to work with team development as a SCRUM master.

You should feel confident with handling everything from userland to kernel space (device drivers etc.) Knowledge in the following areas are considered favourable when you apply :

• Embedded Linux
• Yocto Project
• Build systems (cmake, gnu make)
• Linux Kernel development, configuration and debugging
• Containers and Virtualization (Docker, KVM, WMware, etc.)
• C programming
• Shell scripting

We want smart, self-motivated product developers who love solving complex problems to join our great development teams.

About you:

• You are passionate about what you do which is obvious from your actions.
• You have a talent for software development and computer systems. You love to discuss software development and are comfortable about sharing this knowledge.
• You are continuously developing your knowledge through experience, reading and experimentation.
• You love troubleshooting and digging into complex problems where it is not evident what causes the faults or other symptoms you see.
• You think repetitive tasks are so boring that you do anything to automate them so you can focus on the fun work instead.
• You have focus and ambition to understand customer needs on developed features.
• You take pride in understanding the whole product and its environment.

Why is Ericsson a great place to work?

Ericsson is the driving force behind the Networked Society where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential. Mobility, broadband and the cloud are transforming the world, enabling industries and society to provide better services, capture new opportunities, improve businesses, increase efficiency, and create new user experiences.

Our services, software and infrastructure support every major telecom operator in the world. The transformation that this brings allows people, business and society to fulfill their potential and build a more sustainable future.

With some 115,000 employees and customers in 180 countries, we combine global scale with technology and services leadership. We support networks that connect more than 2.5 billion subscribers. 40 percent of the world’s mobile traffic is carried over Ericsson networks.

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