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About Kaplan
Kaplan is a leading Customer Management consultancy. We transform customer experiences through technological, strategic, analytical and creative solutions.
Working daily with insights from more than 10 million Nordic consumers, we constantly find new ways to earn their loyalty and deliver measureable results. We partner with our clients to help them transform into customer centric organisations, and to put customers first in all they do. We help them achieve what we call "True Personalization" - a customer experience that is truly meaningful to each individual.

Today's consumers understand that they leave footprints after themselves in everything they do. In exchange they request that the information is used to create relevant and tailor-made customer experiences as well as personal communication. The trend is clear - companies wanting to be stand out in the competition must think about consumers in a completely different way than today. To create customer experiences based on customer data, solutions that combine analysis, technology and communication are needed. Kaplan, who is leading the development in the Nordic region, are looking for additional skills for its award-winning team.

We are in a strong growth phase. With offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen, and assignments for many of the Nordic countries largest and most well-known companies, we only see the beginning of what we can accomplish. We are proud to name SJ, Volvo, Circle K, Tele 2, Svenska Spel, A-Z Sportswear by Zlatan, Com Hem and many more as our clients.

About the role
Our Marketing technology department (today 25 people; backend developers, frontend developers, solution architects and system specialists) are creating relevant costumer journeys and experiences daily.

We are now looking for a solution architect as well as a senior backend developer.

In both roles we expect you to have an extensive experience in customer management, Adobe Marketing Solutions as well as CRM.

As a developer, you are expected to have a broad technical understanding, developer background, strong communication skills and a consulting focus. It is important for us that you grasp the entire technical whole, to understand how the customer's system will be used to achieve high quality in customer communication. In the role of senior developer, you are responsible for creating technical development plans, collaborating with the customer team and by yourself, or with colleagues.

As an architect we expect you to, in addition to the mentioned developer skills, have an extensive
experience in developing the technical solutions needed and you understand and can communicate
with both our clients IT department as well as their marketing departments.

Our projects
All our projects are unique and adapted to the customer's conditions and goals. You will work on
designing and optimizing data-driven communications across all digital channels as well as work with
content distribution for personalized experiences. Our customer team is cross-functional with system
specialists, strategists, creators and analysts. Most of the time, we work from our office on Sturegatan
and sometimes from the client's office.

Requirements - competence and experience
- JavaScript - In this role we use server-side JavaScript, but if you have experience with JavaScript on
the client side that is also valuable. We usually use vanilla JavaScript, but we also use framework,
great if you have experience in building frameworks. We like JavaScript and we think you do too.

- Data modeling - You can develop data models at different levels, from simple to complex depending
on the need. You have a excellent understanding of how data is structured and an keen interest in
working with large amounts of data. We like large amounts of data, almost as much as JavaScript.

- Integrations - Integration environments vary, and you have made integrations to different systems.
We also often help to define integration methods together with our clients. Integrations, that's
probably what we like most though.

- Developed module-based HTML emails

- Extensive experience with products within Adobe's Marketing Cloud

- A / B tests - Experience in testing, measuring power and drawing conclusions to increase results

Please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] marked with which role most relevant to you.

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