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Team Albert - one of Scandinavia's hottest EdTech companies revolutionizing mathematics learning for children and adolescents.

Join us on our journey, and we’ll make sure you will have a blast!

Hejalbert is a fast-paced start-up based in Gothenburg, where the route from idea to decision is shorter than to the coffee machine. Together with our clever colleagues, we have collectively built a vast pool of knowledge in using React Native to give users a world-class experience when improving their mathematical skills.

Our aim is to combine content, data and technology in a magical way to customize the learning experience of each individual user, irrespective of their age.

We use and contribute to the open source community, and dedicate a portion of the time to refactor and improve where needed.

Being a digital consumer company, we are extremely close to our end users. We share not only their joy, but also their pain. Our mission is to convert their pains to endless joy, piece-by-piece, day-by-day.

Together with product owners, UX/UI designers, data scientists and back-end engineers, we start each day with a common discussion on where we are and where we are going. We adjust the plan in real time, always with the end user in mind. And we code.

We are now looking for a experienced Javascript developer to join our impressive team!

Some of the technologies we play around with on a daily basis: Here you come into the picture!

- React Native framework for our iOS and Android apps
- Javascript (ES6)
- Node.js for back-end
- Python for data analysis
- NoSQL dabases: Mongo, Firebase, CouchDB
- Artificial Intelligence: Recommendation engine

More about Hejalbert

Albert is every child's digital private teacher in mathematics. We are a Gothenburg-based start-up that wants to democratize the possibility of homework in mathematics: everyone should be able to access their own private teacher in mathematics. We are a wonderful group who wants to be the best in the world to understand the pupil's special needs and wishes with the aim of raising the level of knowledge in the school. The plug should simply be fun, accessible and more relevant to every student. With the help of deep understanding of students' needs, artificial intelligence and computer-driven development, we have given us a customized math experience for each unique student. And we will not give us until we reach our goal.

In this recruitment we are cooperating with By Grette. For further information about the role please contact Daniel Grette0706-106740. All applications and contacts remain confidential. Selection is ongoing so do not wait to submit your application.

All applications and contacts with By Grette are treated confidentially.

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