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Master Thesis, 30 HP: Augmented Reality and Internet of Things for support and services

We want to explore how AR and IoT can be used to allow fast decision making and guidance for support and service of surveillance aircrafts. This master thesis is an interesting mix of applying the latest 3D visualization technologies on aeronautical industry in the forefront, combined with business development.

Your role


During the latest years, there has been a rapid development in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), and also how the traditional industry has started to use the technologies. Integration with other systems are in many cases crucial to create relevance and context. One area predicted to be of great importance is AR and Internet of Things (IoT). Sensors can extract Real Time Data from connected machines. By sending data to the right person, faster decisions can be taken and the user can get visual instructions through AR with what actions to be taken and how to do it.

Description of the master thesis

This Master Thesis aims at exploring the possibility to combine AR and IoT, and investigate how these technologies can create business value to Saab Support and Services. For selected systems or subsystems, this could be used for decision support and as a tool for service and maintenance.

Expected result:

* Explore how AR and IoT can be used for support and service.
* Investigate ongoing market and technical development; suggest a roadmap how AR and IoT will develop over time and how we can benefit from that.
* An implementation of AR in application with support of data from IoT (real or simulated).
* A demonstration for a reference group at Saab and Vobling.

Your profile

This Master Thesis is suitable for two master students doing the last year on a technical engineering program with focus on software development.

An interest for AR, VR, IoT and aeronautical systems is valuable. Experience from programming in Unity is an advantage.

You also need to have great collaborations skills and be equipped with a business mind-set, as you will cooperate with both developers, meet users and business developers, to understand needs and business benefit.

What you will be a part of

This Master Thesis is a collaboration between SAAB S&S Airborne ISR and Vobling AB.

Airborne ISR (a Business Unit within Support and Services) is currently leading a number of major Surveillance Aircraft modification projects.

Vobling AB, a world leading company within 3D visualisations; Virtual and Augmented Reality, is developing different training platforms together with SAAB Airborne ISR in Virtual Reality.


You will work both in Stockholm and in Linköping. To get the best effect of your technical development you will be working together with the Vobling Team in Stockholm part of the time, and part of the time in Linköping to get guidance on the Use Case; understand user needs and business value.

Last application day


Contact information

Saab S&S Airborne ISR

Anna Lundström


Vobling AB

Magnus Rudling


If you aspire to help create and innovate whilst developing yourself in a challenging team setting, Saab may well have the perfect conditions for you to grow. We pride ourselves on a nurturing environment, where everyone is different yet we share the same goal - to help protect people.

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