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Fredagen den 16 oktober 2015
Kl: 10-12
Tunnelgatan 3, T-bana Hötorget

Nedan finns en beskrivning på jobben som du kan söka på rekryteringsträffen. Det finns flera arbetsgivare på plats och de söker kandidater till liknande tjänster. Alla deltagande företag och beskrivning på de lediga tjänsterna finns på vår hemsida http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se/stockholm-city.
Ta med dig flera exemplar av dina ansökningshandlingar och förbered dig på en kortare jobbintervju med arbetsgivarna. Beroende på hur många som kommer får du vara beredd att vänta en kortare eller längre tid på din intervju.

When you think about coding in Python, what's your reaction?

Do you think that writing code in such a dynamic language cannot be anything but stimulating?

Maybe you also feel that Python's readability is the best since sliced bread?

Would you agree that Python enables flexibility?

Yes? And do you also know Django or any other web framework? Great, then I'd love if you continue reading these lines of text. Cause a lot of people here at Fyndiq would agree with you. And even though we at Fyndiq think it's important with different thoughts, ideas and ways of seeing things, these opinions above is a big deal for us (maybe not the beer with Guido, that's not important at all really, but the rest).

So why should I continue read, you might ask yourself

And that's a good questions. But it's weird sitting there asking yourself questions. Please, stop doing that. But you should keep on reading because you might feel that Fyndiq's Engineering team is a place you would like to call "work". This team consist of a bunch of really skilled developers, creating elegant, simple solutions that scale well. They work in a way that is inspired by the open source community and the work rely on communication via GitHub.They are using and experimenting with the latest and greatest techniques and tools to keep their knowledge to a cutting edge level. Last but not least, they are together defining the specifications and the scope of varying projects creating the product of Europe's 6th fastest growing tech startup about to conquer the world.

Still a little interested?

Maybe not just a little? I hope so, and I also hope that you know MySQL or other relational databases, have prior experience of Django and think it's positive to work with web development in a team with people from all around the globe. So take that mouse of yours and press the apply button and I'll show you where our Office Manager hides all the candy. For questions please call me, Jakob, +46725775711, or drop me a line at [email protected].

What about this Fyndiq?

In 2014 Fyndiq was announced one of Europes' fastest growing tech startups and since the five founders' launched the marketplace platform in 2010 Fyndiq has managed to break even, close an investment round of 150 MSEK and is now preparing to cross borders and turn internationally. Currently, we're 85 left and right-brained talents (that number will change as we're averaging on 2 new fyndians per week), who all shape the unique and exciting work environment, we take part of. Hey, we believe that if we're going to spend 5 days a week at work, it's sort of important to have great colleagues, a nice office and an interesting company culture.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Mjukvaruutvecklare" hos företaget Fyndiq AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 28 september 2015 klockan 11:08.

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