Net Insight initiated a large development project within their new business area, 5G Synchronization. They are working on a unique solution for transporting time with extremely high precision over IP infrastructure. We are now looking for the right Product Owner to join them.

Net Insight offers the possibility to work hands-on with cutting-edge technology and products used by millions. Here, you will be part of an international and friendly working environment, where the teams are cross-functional and individuals are encouraged to have open communication and collaboration across their functions - creating the best possible result.

Some of the benefits of working at Net Insight:

- An open and flat organization with a lot of teamwork

- Work in a very technologically advanced environment

- A family-friendly company, with an understanding of the necessity of a healthy work/life balance

- Every employee is valuable and can drive changes and influence the product as well as WoW(way of working).

- Unusually low turnover - High employee satisfaction

What's in it for you?
As Product Owner at Net Insight, you will become an expert in time synchronization, a title few people have. Apart from that, you will enter the product in an early stage that will continue to be developed for years ahead - granting you a lot of freedom to set the frames yourself, working with both improvement and innovation.


The teams you will be working with are building a solution for time synchronization for 5G networks. Very simplified this means taking time from a known source (e.g. atomic clock, GNSS, PTP), distributing it over a network, and handing it off to 5G base stations - on a nano-second level.

The product consists of two parts - Zyntai TimeNodes and Zyntai Director.

The TimeNodes are responsible for transporting time over a network with extremely high precision. On a high level, they consist of:

- Their own developed hardware and FPGAs

- Yocto built Linux distribution.

- Containerized application layer written in modern C++

A crucial part is to continuously measure network conditions (RTT, asymmetries etc.) and adapt the time at the node using algorithms and automatic control.

The Director is a management system, handling Life Cycle Management of the TimeNodes, metrics, alarms, etc. It is built using Backstage, React, Node, TS, and Grafana among other technologies, and is deployed in K8s/OpenShift.

Your main responsibility is to be the technical expert on the sync solution. As part of this, you will act as the technical interface between the Product Manager and the development teams by:

- assisting the project management, line, and product manager in high-level planning, scoping, and technical investigations/discussions.

- coordinating technical implementations involving multiple teams

- continuously weighing external product requirements against technical R&D requirements.

- It also includes driving innovation work around the sync product within R&D.

You're not required to be an expert on all the techniques the team uses, but at least grasp the concept of it. You should, however, have experience in Linux-based products in a network environment, with preferably quite good knowledge of network/communication. As well as a background in SW development (preferably in an agile environment using C++) and some knowledge of K8s and cloud. It's a significant + if you're experienced or interested in 5G/RAN and synchronization.

The team already has good engineers who can code better than excellent. What they need is a socially skilled person with a high level of structure and order, who has profound technical knowledge to be able to understand how new requirements affect the product. You create trust and liability in your team as you will work both with the product and the development side and actively work on creating and delivering the best solution for the product and the team ahead.


Net Insight is a global leader in media networks, resource optimization, and streaming solutions. With more than 20 years of experience, Net Insight is a trusted and important partner and a leading force in the media tech industry in creating a better media experience.

More than 500 world-class customers run mission-critical media services using Net Insight’s solutions in more than 60 countries worldwide. Net Insight is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Net Insight is powering the evolving media business in a connected world where technology enables seamless meetings between producers, distributors, and consumers of content - regardless of geographical location, technical resources, or distribution network. With its deep market knowledge and insight, genuine customer focus, and world-leading innovative technology, Net Insight makes it easier to create and deliver better content in a more reliable and effective way. Net Insight is driven by the idea that everything can always be done smarter, for both its customers and their customers.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Product Owner at global leader in media delivery" hos företaget Pinetree AB och publicerades på den 18 september 2023 klockan 14:19.

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