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Cyient is one of the leading telecom service provider in Europe, all the GIS based telecom network facilities are stored in Ericsson Network Engineer. The project scope is the migrating the telecom GIS data from various legacy systems to Ericsson Network Engineer and develop an application to generate various type of schematic diagrams for both the OSP (Outside Plant) and ISP (Inside Plant) network data on demand.

Develop the application to capture the delta changes and apply the data changes (feature creation, updation and deletion) to Network Engineer which helps the customer to synchronize the GIS data with Ericsson Network Engineer database by reading various input data sources. Input data will be in the form of XMLs. The application will parse the XML data and creates the Telecom network inventory objects (OSP features like STRUCTURE, SPAN, EQUIPMENT, TRANSMEDIA and SPLICE_CLOSURE. ISP objects like STRUCTURE_UNIT, SPAN_UNIT, TRANSMEDIA_UNIT, CHASSIS, SLOT, PLUGIN and PORTs). Application will also do the additional functionality automatically to generate the details views like FLOOR PLAN, FRONT VIEWS, SPAN CROSS SECTION and MANHOLE LAYOUT. - Analyze the Telecommunication Network data present in various legacy systems schema. - Development of Data analysis and data extraction tools using Arc objects, C#.Net and Deployment. - Technical documents like High Level Design (HLD), Low Level Design (LLD) preparation. - Develop customization tools for data migration from Legacy systems to ENE using ArcObjects, ENE API and ENE SDK - Development of customization tools for Detail views creation for ISP Data using ArcObjects, ENE API and ENE SDK - Preparing unit test cases for all the custom application. - Creation of test designs, test processes, test cases and test data. - Developing Telecom object models using Ericsson Network Engineer Model Builder - Testing Ericsson Network Engineer functionalities as per the client's requirements.

C# .Net, ArcObjects, Ericsson Network Engineer, ENE API, ArcGIS Desktop

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Senior Software Engineer" hos företaget CYIENT AB (fd Infotech Enterprices) och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 5 april 2017 klockan 17:04.

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