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Are you a digital hero with a passion for all things technical? Are you innovative and
entrepreneurial enough to be the central masterminds of Sweden’s next digital unicorn? Are you
hellbent on disrupting and taking over the world? Then you’ll fit right in.
AIAR’s ambition is to revolutionize the way people learn and absorb new knowledge. Releasing
our first application for digital marketing and sales—Digital Marketing Pro—is just the first step
in that direction. In record time, the application has become the world’s second biggest
application for learning in digital marketing. During the autumn, we are preparing to battle
Google for the global top position, and before the end of the year, we will be number one. The
real goal however, is to use this initial period to agilely test various AI features, and then, based
in a world’s-first, cutting-edge EdTech platform for AI learning (and eventually AR learning)
take the global leading position within learning and totally disrupt the learning market.
We’re currently looking for a fearless CTO king/queen to spearhead the tech-development for the
company. During the first month, you will work with an external agency, but after that you will
recruit and lead a magical top-notch tech-team of your own. Apart from nurturing and developing
the existing application, your assignments will also include innovative work when it comes to the
development of the world-leading AI and AR-based EdTech platform.

From day one, you will work with our Dream Team of digital strategists and world-leading
experts on digital marketing, content and data, and of course you will match their level.
Previously, you have worked front end at other unicorns or similar fast-paced companies, and
obviously you are well-versed in basic languages and platforms like HTML 5, Java and
WordPress. More importantly though, you have your favorite programming language such as
Python, R or something similar. Preferably, you also know your way around Ionics, and since
you’ll be leading a high-tech venture in AI (and later AR), you are no stranger to advanced big
data setups. You also have several years of important experience with digital platforms, and you
have previously been part of digital ventures with potential to quickly grow to a global level.
You’re not afraid to voice your opinions, and you know how to argue for your cause. You are
completely comfortable being one of the three people at the frontlines of the company.
You take pride in delivering our products, but won’t part with them until they are of world-class
caliber. You keep track of quality and make sure all requirements are met, both internally and
whenever external agencies are involved.
What’s more, you know the latest going-ons in the world, and you stay up to date on
technological development. Of course you know all the things that work today… but you have
also reflected extensively on what will work tomorrow. Since you’re going to be tech-lead, you
have few technical limitations. Actually, you’re the kind of person who sees less problems than
solutions, and you’re a true digital visionary… daring to change the world. Just like the rest of us.

AIAR is revolutionizing learning by using AI for personalization and AR for just-in-time access. Using a unique microlearning approach, education is made simple, accessible, time- and cost efficient. AIAR’s first microlearning app is Digital Marketing Pro (DMP), is already after three months since launch becoming the biggest independent application within the category in the world, and is a precursor of AIAR’s unique 3T-method for customized learning. Focusing on digital strategy, DMP is indispensable for developing a strategy and improving results in e-commerce, social media, SEO, AdWords banners and email marketing. By combining world-leading content with a game-changing EdTech platform, AIAR is leading the next generation of digital heroes… daring to change the world.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "CTO to Swedens next Global Giant" hos företaget AIAR EdTech och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 25 augusti 2017 klockan 00:00.

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