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Providing a SaaS platform used by customers, partners as well as our own engineers and researchers, that is always available, can be counted on for critical tasks, with capacity that adjusts according to instantaneous needs, and that continuously evolves in a controlled manner, is no small feat.

The platform team has a rather wide range of responsibilities and as such its members’ knowledge, insight and experience need be comparable. Where many of our research colleagues focus on depth, we aim at breadth. This normally means a T shaped profile with expertise in some area(s), but common is that its members all have a broad grasp of disparate technology aspects. Another key trait of the team members is a keen interest in continuously tracking what’s emerging, to spot opportunities which can reduce time and energy being spent on various present and planned concerns, so that focus can shift to ever more important goals.

We wholeheartedly believe in automation. It minimizes risk of undesirable effects when making changes, enables traceability, repeatability, improves speed, responsiveness and frees us from mundane work. As such we strive towards having any environment, component or system change be an automated process, which starts with a Git commit and ends with some change to Tomologic’s environment, without the need for human intervention. Only when we explicitly want to have human intervention do we gate the automated processes, such as for code review.

We are presently on a journey towards state declared management, where we seek to eliminate traditional dissonance between intent, design and reality by more closely fusing the former two aspect with the latter such that we can declare rules for how the system(s) should react when certain events happen. This frees us from having to react to events ourselves, and let the systems take care of ever more such responsibilities. To assist us with this transitioning, we’ve chosen Kubernetes as a framework for realizing this goal, since its design resonates with our own belief in how systems should be run and managed.

If you have a systems thinking mindset and enjoy the challenge of continuously weighing pros and cons of current solutions, the options available for sourcing vs developing, and driving environment, interface and product evolvement based on such factors combined, then you’ll fit right in.

You will be a part of the operations team that designs, develops, tests, releases, and maintains the infrastructure and production platform throughout the full lifecycle. The team also fulfills the technical predicates necessary for the success of our other teams. The nature of our service (24/7) means limited on-call duties comes with this role.

You match these skills and experiences:

* Software development in a collaborative, agile environment
* Extensive Python skills and at least one other language (Java, Scala etc)
* Comfortable in a Linux environment, using Bash and other GNU utils
* IaaS, PaaS, and/or aPaaS development (using tech such as AWS and GCP)
* Virtualization and containers, such as Docker
* Data management, SQL, and object storage

At least 3 years experience of some or all of the above
Great attention to detail, curiosity, and commitment to deliver
M.Sc. in computer science, software engineering or equivalent
English and basic Swedish skills


* DevOps (whatever it means to you) experience
* Experience designing and running distributed systems or subsystems
* Comfortable with both asynchronous and synchronous component interaction styles
* API design and some front-end exposure (E.g. angular2, web components, react or similar)
* Running and monitoring mission-critical Linux production servers
* Docker orchestration tools (Kubernetes etc)
* Network design, disaster recovery, and storage technologies
* Security hardening

Tomologic offer the best of two worlds: the financial stability and benefits of a grown up company while still having the social culture and low-overhead innovative momentum of a startup. You will work side-by-side with top scientists and engineers in an innovative and team-oriented culture. Our Engineering team consists of close to 20 professionals. Tomologic is privately owned with solid backing from external industrial investors.

This full time position is located in our Stockholm office.

To apply, please send an email, with a CV and cover letter, to [email protected]. The position is open now, and interviews will be carried out continuously. Apply today.

More on Tomologic at http://www.tomologic.com.

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