Software Engineer to Alva Labs
There is something seriously broken with recruitment.

- Candidates struggle to show who they are and instead spend time in tedious processes

- Companies miss out on talent due to focusing on old fashioned success markers

- Studies indicate that more than 40% of all hires are unsuccessful

Do you want to be part of the solution? Join Alva Labs and be part of building a product that reaches thousands of candidates on a daily basis.

The company
Alva Labs is a Stockholm-based SaaS company that offers a solution that is helping global companies grow their team in a scientific way. Alva has created a unique candidate assessment platform that helps companies build their organisations with the right people in the right place. By combining state-of-the-art psychometrics, data science, and an obsession with candidate experience, it provides the needed tool for data-driven talent acquisition.

We are growing 2-3x per year and are in the exciting phase to launch Alva in new markets. Current focus is on building great product, enable Product-Lead-Growth and release our next big bets.

The role
The team is currently divided into three different squads, end of year, we are looking at six to seven squads. Each focusing on one product surface. You will work closely with other experienced engineers as well as designers, and product managers.

Within 1 months you will:

- Have received the support you need in order to get a good start at Alva.

- Start to familiarize yourself with the product and the system.

- Started contributing to the squad’s work

Within 3 months you will:

- Complete at least 1 ticket in each part of the tech stack.

- Have helped your team build new features quicker than we otherwise would have - the velocity has increased significantly.

Within 6 months you will:

- Impact the quality of the product, getting to the point where we fix all bugs and are improving performance metrics

- Help introduce significant new features which radically improve our product.

- Be proud of the product and the codebase

Our tech stack:

- Python

- React, JavaScript/TypeScript

- Google Cloud Platform

- Pub/Sub

- PostgreSQL, Firestore

- Kubernetes, Cloud Run

- Protocol buffers

- Event-driven microservices

The tech stack is described in more detail HERE (

Background isn’t super important to us, we are more interested in who you are. Ideally, you have worked with building distributed systems before. More importantly, you:

- Love solving complex problems and turn them into a solutions that breaths simplicity

- Are ambitious and structured

- Are a prestigeless team player

The internal language is English, so no need to speak Swedish.

Your future colleagues
We are a team of 60 people, representing 16 different nationalities and a wide selection of professional backgrounds. And all of that is absolutely fantastic, but the true beauty is the trust and warmth you will experience. You will most likely never be as supported and have so many brilliant minds to learn from and ask for guidance. To quote our CEO during our last company trip, “It feels like hanging out with a bunch of old friends”.

We currently have a hybrid approach, so working from home or at the office, is your choice.

If you want to creep out on this (perhaps your future) team (, fire away!

Why join Alva?
The problem we are solving is not just engaging and interesting (the combination of psychological science and statistics, with a large chunk of candidate experience obsession, what’s not to love?!), but it is also something that has a tremendous impact on both people and businesses. You will have the opportunity to work with something that truly makes a difference.

With 250+ customers, strong growth, happy users, and 200 000+ assessed candidates, an NPS of 48, and a CSAT of +80, there is a lot of greatness to build from.

Besides, we have flexible work hours, where you can decide for yourself what works best for you. You will get 7 weeks of vacation, an on-market salary, a generous preventive care benefit, and a few other neat perks. You can read all about our benefits HERE ( and our company values HERE (

The hiring process
Given that we claim to be experts in hiring, you probably wonder what we have in store for you.

- Objective screening with Alva’s own tests

- First interview (focusing on who you are)

- Case

- Technical interview

- Done deal!

Come help us change the world of hiring!

Welcome to Alva!

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Software engineer to Alva Labs" hos företaget Alva Labs AB och publicerades på den 14 januari 2022 klockan 15:35.

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