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  • Do you want to use state-of-the-art technologies to create a sustainable living on earth, field by field?
  • Do you enjoy digging into the details of a complex system, evaluate and discuss architectures, while still being able to zoom out and think about the people you're actually helping?
  • Do you love to code?
  • Do you want to be part of a growing company with highly value-driven people?

About the role

  • Hands-on tasks to learn more about agriculture and how tech can enable a more sustainable food chain.
  • Prioritize initiatives dependent on our current problems and given the resources we have. Please read more about how we work in this article.
  • Build systems with a micro-services oriented system architecture with K8s, Docker and GCP.
  • Work with modern practices and technologies for building web applications, such as GraphQL, React and Node.
  • Implement CI/CD automation and optimization of information retrieval.
  • Extensive work with full-stack JavaScript to ensure that you grow as a modern software developer.

More than anything, your role will be a crucial part of something important - accelerating the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Who are you?

We believe that you need to be purpose-driven and have the motivation to focus on technology as a tool to reach our vision. While we believe that tools are important, especially that you have some kind of experience with JavaScript, more than anything we think we can get passed any toolbox issues if you're motivated enough and can prove your problem-solving skills.

We also like you to fit into our company in terms of our core values:

  • Creativity and curiosity. As motivation.
  • Humility and feedback. For personal growth.
  • Celebrate. Always.


In order for us to even consider you as a candidate you need to be:

  • Open to feedback
  • Humble
  • Curious
  • Purpose-driven
  • Ready to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • A nice person

Apart from the above, we think it's crucial that you:

  • Have dedicated several years of your life to designing, building and evaluating software solutions
  • Together with us, wish to become a world-class software engineer.

We don't care if your previous experience is through a university degree, open-source projects or as a software developer at any company. We mainly care about your dedication and the level of skill you present.


Some intro here is needed.

A lot of our tech stack is concerning our user-faced web platform, but we also build advanced systems for modeling and handling large volumes of data. The main language for the web platform is JavaScript, with React as our standard frontend client and Node for backend. We love GraphQL and everything from the Apollo toolbox. In terms of databases we enjoy Postgres, and we use GCP and Github for infrastructure/CI/CD and versioning. Our product management tool is Notion, which we're all very pleased with and dedicated to. For communication we mainly use Slack, integrating with other relevant tools such as Google's suite of Drive, Mail and Calendar, but also many bots for different purposes.

If you have experience from any of these tools, it's beneficial. If you enjoy working with JavaScript, we think you will enjoy your time at Skira.

Employment type

Full-time employment

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "Software Engineer" hos företaget Improvin AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 26 september 2022 klockan 17:47.

Hur du söker jobbet

Ansökan sker via e-post till [email protected]. Vänligen använd rubriken/referensen "software-engineer-ams".

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