We are looking for a Person with following skills.

· Minimum 10 years of Experience, with 6 years of Relevant experience in Cloud and DevOps.

· Responsible for fault-tolerance, high-availability, scalability, and security on AWS Infrastructure and Platform,

· Responsible for implementation of CI/CD pipelines with automated build and test systems.

· Responsible for Production Deployment using Multiple Deployment Strategies.

· Responsible for Automating the AWS Infrastructure and Platform Deployment with Infrastructure as a Code.

· Responsible for Automating System Configurations using Configuration Management Tools.

· Good Understanding & implementation of Microservices Concepts and Best Practices

· Enabling application development by coordinating requirements, schedules, and activities.

· Addressing issues promptly, responding positively to setbacks and challenges with a mindset of continuous improvement

· Carrying out POCs to make sure that suggested design/technologies meet the requirements

· Able to learn the services used in the environment quickly.

Mandatory Skills:

· Hands on Production Experience in Linux or Window System Engineering

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS Compute Service: EC2, AMI, Lambda, Autoscaling, Load Balancers, Spot Instances

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS Storage Service: S3, EFS, EBS, Glacier, Storage Gateway

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS Security Service: IAM, AWS Config, Cloud Trail, WAF, KMS

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS Network Service: VPC, Subnets, Router, Transit Gateway, VPN, VPC Endpoint

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS observability Service: CloudWatch Alarms, CloudWatch Logs, Cloud Trail, VPC Flow Logs, ECS/EKS Enhance Monitoring

Nice to Have

· Hands on Production experience in Docker and Container Orchestration using Kubernetes on AWS EKS or AWS ECS

· Hands on Production Experience with AWS Database Service: AWS RDS, Cache, Read Replicas, Dynamo DB

· Ability to write scripts (Linux/shell/Python/Windows PowerShell) to automate Cloud Automation Tasks or Configuration Management tasks or Ability to use Configuration Management tools like Ansible/Chef/Puppet

· Experience in Source Code Management: Gitlab/ GitHub/ Bitbucket/Code Commit.

· Good Automation Skills using AWS Orchestration Tools like - Terraform, Cloud Formation

· Experience in Build Automation Server: AWS Code build/ AWS Code deploy/ Jenkins/ Gitlab CI/ Gitlab runner/ Sonar.

· Collaboration: JIRA/ Confluence

· Experience in In place Deployment, Blue Green Deployment and Canary Deployment.

· Experience with Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana stacks.

Öppen för alla
Vi fokuserar på din kompetens, inte dina övriga förutsättningar. Vi är öppna för att anpassa rollen eller arbetsplatsen efter dina behov.

Detta är en jobbannons med titeln "DevOps Consultant / IT Specialist" hos företaget MRPK Solutions AB och publicerades på webbjobb.io den 2 april 2024 klockan 00:00.

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